Power Point and Earth Leakage Tester

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Assess the safety of installed main sockets and earth voltages, and identify dangerous electrical installations with this polarity and earth leakage tester. Feedback via the buzzer and three LEDs assist you to easily and quickly diagnose potential issues with wiring, missing earth, live/neutral reverse, earth/live reverse, missing neutral and live faults. The tester also detects raised earth voltages above 50VAC using the touchpad controls. The tester offers 18 plug/pin status combinations and four RCD testing status combinations. Features: • Multiple testing options • Quickly identifies issues • IP65 rated enclosure Specifications: Rated current: 30mA +/-5% Rated voltage: 230VAC @ 50Hz Max test time: 300ms NE lockout: 50V +/-10%RMS Dimensions: 69(L) x 67(W) x 32(H)mm

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