IP66 Inline RCD Circuit Breaker 1.8m

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1 Year Warranty 240V Mains Power Protect yourself at home or the worksite with this handy inline RCD circuit breaker with 1.8m lead. The built-in Residual Current Device (RCD) provides the best method to protect against electrocution and equipment damage. Faster acting and improved safety compared with standard over-current circuit breakers. It has an IP66 rain and dustproof rating, and includes test and reset buttons. Meets Australian and New Zealand safety approvals. Features: - Automatically shuts off power when a fault occurs - IP66 rain and dustproof rating - Durable RCD Specifications: Residual Non-Operating Current: 15mA Residual Operating Current: 30mA Max. Tripping: ≤0.1S IP Rating: IP66 Length: 1.8m

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