4 Way Mains Powerboard with 2 X USB and Surge Protection

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1 Year Warranty 240V Mains Power This 4-way powerboard includes 2 rapid charge USB sockets suitable for charging most smart devices and has filters for protection of mains products. Ideal for protecting your computer from spikes and surges. Features: • 4 surge and spike protected mains outlets • 2 rapid charge USB sockets 3.1A total • 10 amp resettable overload circuit breaker Power Filter: • Surge Protection: Metal oxide varistors • Supply Voltage: 240VAC 50Hz • Current Rating: 10A max • Protection Mode: PN USB Output: • 2.4A Max (Across 1 Port) • 1.55A Max (Each Across 2 Ports) • 3.1A Total

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