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Top Washing Machines in New Zealand 2021

We’ve put together a list of our top 3 washing machines on the New Zealand market in 2021. We’ve judged these machines on a combination of best washing performance, features and reliability. These machines will be suitable for most small to medium households. We’ve also chosen our picks for Best entry level, Best of the best and best top loader.

Top 3 Washing Machines in New Zealand

1. Miele WWD320, 8kg Front Load Washing Machine

Instead of packing their machine with many of the advanced features found in less expensive models from other brands, Miele have focused on the fundamentals with this model, High build quality and impressive wash performance.

The control panel is simple and intuitive with 12 wash programmes, featuring standard washing programs as well as a 49 minute QuickPowerWash that should thoroughly clean moderately soiled laundry as well as programmes for delicates and woolens. Extra functions exist to shorten most cycles, add pre-wash, pre-ironing or more water.

This machine is a solid performer for those wanting a washing machine with high end performance and durability but with a mid range price tag, it’ll do the job well and last.


2. Bosch WGA244U0AU, 9kg Front Load washing machine

Bosch’s midrange series 6 washing machine contains a lot of features along with the reliability Bosch is renown for.

Featuring 12 wash programs including AllergyPlus, Super 30 mins and Quilt/Duvet programmes. Their AntiStain system allows it to combat the four most common stains. Oil, blood, Red Wind and Grass. This feature can be activated for most available wash programmes.

It’ll be relatively quiet for most the duration of the cycle with a 45 dB noise rating during washing and 69 dB when spinning. A normal conversation is 60 dB for comparison. A reload and pause function for adding washing during the cycle.

Ideal for those that require a larger washing capacity at a competitive price point compared to other washing machines in its class.

 3. LG WV91408W, 8kg Front Load Washing machines

One of the smartest washing machines available on the market. Featuring LG’s AI DirectDrive, that automatically detects laundry weight and fabric type, then selects the best option for optimal cleaning. It utilises 6 different drum motions such as a side to side, rolling and tumble motions to better wash clothes depending on their characteristics.   

10 wash programmes including all your standard wash cycles as well as duvet and allergy. With the aid of 4 water jets positioned around the drum, you can also wash an entire load in 39 mins with LG’s TurboClean programme.

LG have fully embraced smart technology with the ability to start the machine remotely, monitor wash progression and download more wash programmes with an app. It also works with with Alexa.

This model takes most of the thought out of doing washing with the ability to optimise the wash cycle automatically and has a lot of smart features not found in other machines at this price point.


Best Entry level Washing Machine in New Zealand

Beko BFL7510W, 7.5kg Front Loading Washing machine

Despite selling at the low end of the market Beko’s entry level washing machine is packed full of features and comes with a 5 year manufactures warranty (2 years on purchase and another 3 years after registration with Beko). Beko may be a brand a lot of New Zealanders are less familiar with but they’re rapidly gaining market share with their competitive offerings  

Many of the features found on high end washing machines are available. Specialised programs include wool, anti-allergy, bedding and blankets and stain removal as well as all your regular programs. For those that want to save time, there is a quick 14 program that cleans 2kg of laundry in 14 mins or an express wash for a full load in 28 mins.  Also included are pet hair removal and steam functions. Also included is the useful ability to add a garment during washing in case you forgot an item

It’s energy and water efficient compared to many other models, with 4.5 star water rating and a 4 star energy rating.

It may lag in washing performance and durability compared to higher end models but for the budget conscious or low usage consumers it should tick most of the boxes.

Best Top Loader Washing Machine in New Zealand

Fisher & Paykel WA55T56GW1, 5.5kg Top Load Washing Machine

Almost every New Zealander is familiar with Fisher & Paykel and many of us would have grown up with a F&P top loading washing machine in our homes. They’ve been a pioneer in this technology, introducing the SmartDrive technology that reduces moving parts and being more energy efficient.

Those familiar with top loaders will find this machine simple and intuitive to operate. Featuring 6 wash programs, including easy iron, handwash, allergy and heavy duty.

It contains an agitator which many consumers prefer, especially for particular dirty clothing.

It may not contain as many features found in front loaders or have the same water and energy efficiency but for those that prefer to stick to what they’re familiar with can’t go wrong with the Fisher & Paykel top loader line up, particularly this model.


Best of the best in New Zealand

Miele WWV 980 WPS, 9kg Front Loading Washing Machine

Miele’s top of the line washing machine comes with 28 wash programmes. It does away with the traditional dial in favour of a touch control panel that allows users to swipe through available programmes. Programmes exist for a wide variety of washing types including woollens, silks, down duvets, trainers, first wash and many more.

Not sure which detergent to use or how much? Miele’s TwinDos automatic detergent dispensing system does it all. Two cartridges containing Miele’s different formulated detergent are loaded in the machine and automatically dispensed to optimise washing performance. The type and amount of detergent is automatically calculated for release to coincide with the wash length, temperature and rotation of drum.

Contains Steam care which greatly reduces the need to iron. QuickPowerWash, wash 5g of laundry in 59 minutes. 1600 rpm spin speed for increased water extraction, which allows for faster drying times. A Stain wash options to effectively remove stubborn stains. Both a hot & cold fill option unlike most front loaders that only contain a cold fill.

If price isn’t a consideration and you’re just after the best washing machine in terms of features and performance then you can’t go much further than this model. Miele tests it all it’s appliances to last the equivalent of 20 years if used under regular conditions, so you should get some mileage from this all the same.

WWV 980 WPS Price is $4699 at time of writing and is available to order through us, contact for more information.


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