The Best Vacuum Cleaners in NZ 2022

Best Vacuum Cleaner in New Zealand 2022

When shopping for a vacuum cleaner there are different considerations to take into account depending on your personalized needs. The size of your area, flooring type, pets and noise level and allergies. There are also factors that we all expect  such as maintainability, durability and cleaning performance. We've spent hundreds of hours testing multiple vacuum cleaners in real world settings to come up with our top 5 picks.

 Top 5 Picks: 

1) Best Overall - Miele C3 Series

2) Best Stick Vacuum Cleaner - Dyson V11 Animal

3) Best Compact - Miele C2 Series

4) Notable Mention - Miele Triflex

5) Notable Mention - LG Kompressor





1) Best Overall - Miele C3 Series

Total Score: 10/10

In our testing we found the Miele C3 achieved superior cleaning results compared to other vacuums on the market. It's easily maintained, only needing bags and filters replaced for the most part. It's constructed from solid plastic making it extremely durable. It's fully sealed unit with powerful suction. The C3 series comes in a variety of different models. While the base unit remains the same, the various models come in different colours with different attachment depending on your needs.

Miele C3 Family All-rounder

The Family All-rounder is Miele's base model. If you're looking for a solid vacuum cleaner at a competitive price with all the essential features this is great option. It contains all the following features.

        • Powerful 2000w motor for maximum suction
        • Fully sealed unit that contains dust
        • Three concealed floor tools, brush, crevice tool and mini floor nozzle
        • Adjustable foot controls to adjust suction power for different services and a low noise setting
        • Standard Miele floor head that can be adjusted for soft or hard floors
        • Durable canister that can survive knocks and tumbles
        • HEPA or charcoal filter compatible

    Miele C3 Cat & Dog

    The Cat & Dog has all the same features as the Family All-rounder but comes with the necessary tools to deal with pet hairs, whether on the floor or upholstery thanks to the Turbo Brush. The Turbo Brush is effective at removing pet hairs as well as agitating the floor to remove stubborn dirt. Even if you don't a own a pet the Cat & Dog is well worth considering given this option.

          • Turbo brush
          • Mini turbo brush - for cleaning upholstery
          • Ergonomic handle
          • Active Air clean filter - Helps remove odors

    There is always the choice of buying the extra attachments separately for any Miele C3 but there is a cost savings to buying them together in a bundle such as the Cat & Dog version.

    Provided you use genuine Miele bags (Generic bags often don’t seal properly letting dust blow through the motor) and don’t vacuum anything you’re not suppose to like gib dust you can expect to get many years of use out of a Miele vacuum cleaner. The canister and floor head is built from a sturdy plastic. It's easily maintained. The only drawback is the recurring cost of buying new bags and possibly filters if you use them.  

    Final Score: 10/10

    Cleaning performance:10/10
    Build Quality: 10/10
    Quality of Life Features: 8/10
    User Maintenance: 10/10





    2) Best Stick - Dyson V11 Animal

    Total Score: 8/10

    The Dyson V11 has all the convenience of being a cordless stick vacuum while still having powerful suction comparable to a lot of corded vacuums on the market. Dyson has all the essentials right, with great cleaning performance and a easily releasable dust bin that requires simply pulling a latch. It has built-in intelligence that allows the vacuum cleaner to adjust for hard or soft floors. The Dyson lags behind it's competitors when it comes to maintainability, lack of ease of use features and durability. The Dyson V11 Animal contains all the following features.

        • Up to 60 Minute run time on Eco power mode. Runtime decreases on higher suction modes
        • Fully sealed unit to contain dust
        • Bagless design
        • Easy to empty dust bin
        • Dyson high torque cleaner head, works great at collecting dust and pet hair
        • A range of attachments, including a crevice tool, combination tool, mini motorized tool and storage clip
        • Optional docking charging station that can be screwed to walls


    While the Dyson V11 Animal has all the basics right it would be be nice if Dyson copied some of it’s competitors ease of use features such as being able to toggle on suction instead of having to manually depress a trigger or coming with a stand that doesn’t need to be mounted on the wall. These are minor gripes and overall, the Dyson is very well designed stick vacuum cleaner.

    You'll save money on not having to buy filters or bags but be aware that batteries will eventually lose capacity. It's been reported after about 5 years you'll see significant decline in battery life, as low as 50% capacity. batteries however can be replaced.

    As with other stick vacuums the Dyson does require regular maintenance. It's recommended to empty dust bins before they over fill and clean filters often to prolong life and performance. This can be a messy job that is best done outside, it requires unclogging the dust bin and giving it a thorough clean.

    The Dyson V11 Animals build quality is fair. The vacuum unit isn't the most sturdy and wouldn't survive the same amount of abuse compared to many other vacuums found on this list

    Where the Dyson V11 shines is it's solid cleaning performance combined with convenience, it effortless moves across a variety of floor types removing dust and debris.

    Final Score: 8/10

    Cleaning performance:9/10
    Build Quality: 7/10
    Quality of Life Features: 8/10
    User Maintenance: 7/10






    Best Compact - Miele C2 Allergy

    Total Score: 8/10

    The Miele C2 Compact Allergy is a great vacuum cleaner for those looking for a budget friendly option but with the similar performance and reliability found on more expensive Miele vacuum cleaners.

    The Miele C2 is a smaller unit than the C3 series, designed to fit the smaller FJM bags (GN bags will still fit but not as well) and instead of concealing the floor tools within the vacuum cleaner the tools are clipped externally to the hose. The Miele C2 compact Allergy comes equipped with the following.

        • Powerful 1800w motor with great suction power
        • HEPA AirClean Filter (Filters are replaceable and are the same size as found in the C3 series)
        • Lightweight at 6.5kg, easy to cart around the house
        • Standard Miele floorhead that can be adjusted for soft or hard floors

    While not having the same power or capacity as the larger C3 series, the C2 is more accommodating to those looking for a more budget friendly option or wanting a smaller lightweight vacuum to lug around.

    Final Score: 8/10

    Cleaning performance:8/10
    Build Quality: 10/10
    Quality of Life Features: 8/10
    User Maintenance: 10/10






    Other Contenders - Miele Triflex HX1

    Total Score: 8/10

    Miele brought many useful quality of life features to their own unique stick vacuum cleaner series, the Miele Triflex. The most useful of these being the ability to stand on it's own. The need to find a suitable place to lean or place this stick vacuum cleaner when interrupted by either visitors or needing to move furniture in the way is eliminated. It might seem like a trivial feature but during testing it was surprising how useful this feature was compared to other vacuums cleaners. It also means the weight is at the bottom of the vacuum rather than at the top like other canister vacuums on the market.

    The Triflex gets it's name by being able to be configured in three different modes, the standing mode with cannistar at the bottom. The traditional configuration with the canister at the top and a handheld mode by removing the wand. During my testing I never found the other modes particular useful and often defaulted to using the standing mode. It was often cumbersome to try and pull apart to reconfigure.

    The Triflex lacks the suction power found on Dyson and other stick vacuums but does smoothly glide across different floor types in the same way.

    The built quality is more durable compared to other stick vacuums on the market, being constructed from sturdy plastic. There's also less risk off it dropping on the floor when using the standing mode.

    Like other stick vacuum cleaners there is more maintenance required. The HEPA filter found on the Cat and Dog version needs to be knocked quite vigorously against a hard surface to remove dust inside. As with other Stick vacuum cleaners It pays to regularly empty the dust bins before dirt becomes too compacted inside. 

    Features of the Triflex include: 

        • 3 reconfigurable modes
        • Turbo brush head with LED light
        • Reusable HEPA filter (Cat & Dog Version)
        • 60 Minute battery life on low power mode
        • Adjustable power toggle, instead of having to depress a trigger
        • Optional charging station that can be wall mounted


    Final Score: 8/10

    Cleaning performance: 8/10
    Build Quality: 8/10
    Quality of Life Features: 9/10
    User Maintenance: 7/10






    Other Contenders - LG Kompressor Stick Vacuum

    Total Score: 8/10

    The first thing I noticed about the LG Kompressor when I unboxed it was how generous LG have been with accessories. The share amount of novel accessories and the ability to "Kompress" the dust bin are the main draw cards of this model.

    The dust bin contains a lever that you press down to compact all the dust within. The advantage of this design is that the Kompressor manages to maintain a lighter and more compact designer compared to other stick vacuums while still being able to collect the same amount of dust before needing emptied.

    Accessories include a mop head, while not intended to suck up water and more to polish floors it's a useful attachment to have. A stand that can be mounted to a wall or left free-standing, which is great for those that don't want to put holes in their walls. The stand also serves as a charging station for the second included battery.

    While I was impressed with the amount of accessories and loved the mop attachment I found the Kompressor didn't quite glide as smoothly across floors as well as it's competitors. The wand is adjustable which will only be useful for shorter people as at full length it's the about the same size as a Dyson V11

    It was the most powerful stick vacuum cleaner in our tests, when in full turbo it comes slightly ahead of the Dyson V11 in terms of raw suction power. To active full turbo requires you to push the turbo button once while the machine is running and then push again and hold for 3 seconds. However like other stick vacuums turbo mode will quickly drain batteries, within 10 minutes during our testing. I mainly used this mode for high pile areas or deeply embedded dirt.

    Features and accessories included are:

        • Two batteries
        • Docking and charging stand that can be used to store and charge the included additional battery. Stand can either be mounted on a wall or be left free-standing.
        • 3 Different heads, standard brush roller vacuum head, mop head with cleaning pads and soft-roller head for hard floors
        • Two washable HEPA filters
        • crevice tool, mattress tool, combination tool, hard dirt tool

    Final Score: 8/10

    Cleaning performance:8/10
    Build Quality: 8/10
    Quality of Life Features: 9/10
    User Maintenance:7/10



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